We do the two things that every (movie, show, book, artist, or cause) needs most:
launch big and deliver audiences


Who We Are

This is the most cluttered, most competitive, and often most confusing entertainment marketplace in history. The answer is not "more of the same," but that is exactly what most are suggesting. Same old ideas. Same old tactics. For us, "different" drives everything we do. How we eventize content. How we socialize word-of-mouth. And how we mobilize consumers to do the one thing that's most important.

We architect and execute custom marketing and distribution strategies that help you LAUNCH BIG and DELIVERY YOUR AUDIENCE. Otherwise you're just a car alarm in a mall parking lot (everyone hears the noise but no one pays any attention.) We wake up thinking about how to make our partners profitable and popular. We're a different kind of entertainment company. It shows in what we’ve done. What we work on. And how we do it. But most of all, why we do what we do.

Different is the difference

We've supported more than 300 studios, networks, indie films, books, artists, and social good initiatives over the past decade. Big or small every one wanted the same thing: to do something different.

Here's a sample of what we do


Specialty Publicity


Social Media


Influencer Outreach
& Partnerships


Word-of-Mouth Screenings


Alternative Distribution


Branded Experiences


Cause Placement


Media Buys


Measurement & Data

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We are never too busy for people who want to do things differently.


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