“The company’s motto could just as easily be ‘soulful films for smart people.’ Because the ­movies in question exemplify ­values — humility, transcendence, ­human connection — that have moved believers and ­non-believers alike for centuries, whether they’re admiring a fresco by Michelangelo or an oratorio by Handel.”

Smart films for soulful people

There are five types of belief-motivated audiences. 
We represent the two that are growing in size and influence.


9 Reasons Why We Are Different

1. We are marketers first and foremost, developing comprehensive campaigns around big ideas.
2. We are innovators, always thinking 12-24 months ahead of content and audience trends.
3. We know the audience inside and outside of NYC and LA.
4. We are trusted by the top tastemakers, in every city across all beliefs and backgrounds.
5. We break records, from one-night theatrical events to book launches to TV premieres. 
6. We customize every campaign, rather than recycle old proposals and strategies that don't work.
7. We prove ticket sales.
8. We work in "the middle space" - the audience and filmmakers who want honest stories well-told.  
9. We believe in great projects, made by great people, done for great purposes. 

On one side, "Mass & Crass."
On the other, "Teach & Preach."

You'll find us in the middle.

Are you a middle space artist or audience? Request a complimentary copy of the book
"Different Drummer," written by producer and marketer Erik Lokkesmoe. 


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